Car Maintenance

When you lease a vehicle, on most contract types you have the option to include vehicle maintenance within your monthly rentals. This will increase the cost of your monthly rentals, but it will provide you with fixed monthly payments.

Maintenance Included

The key benefits of taking vehicle maintenance within your agreement are:

  • Fixed Cost – spread the cost of your servicing, maintenance and tyre costs across the term of the contract and avoid paying out lump sums you’ve not budgeted for.
  • Convenience – when your vehicle requires maintenance or tyres, simply call the driver line and they will make all the arrangements for you.
  • Peace of mind – you know that the vehicle is being maintained by an approved network in accordance with manufacturer recommendations.
Contract Type Maintenance Available
Contract Hire YES
Contract Purchase YES
Finance Lease YES
Lease Purchase NO
Personal Contract Hire YES
Personal Contract Purchase YES

What's included

  • Servicing
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Tyre Replacement

What's excluded

  • Damaged items
  • Misuse

Maintenance Add ons

  • Relief vehicle – should you want the security of keeping mobile in the event of a breakdown, we can include a relief vehicle facility in your contract.
  • Breakdown cover – every vehicle will come with between 12-48 months’ breakdown cover. If you want to ensure your vehicle is covered for the length of the contract, we can top up the breakdown cover within your contract.

Customer Maintained

With modern vehicles often having extended servicing schedules, it’s tempting to think it’s cheaper to arrange the maintenance yourself. Of course, you are entitled not to include maintenance within your agreement and in certain cases this may be the right decision. However, it’s important to take your contractual responsibilities into account before you make a decision.

Your responsibilities

  • To maintain vehicles in accordance with manufacturers guidelines.
  • To ensure that manufacturer approved parts are used in all maintenance and repairs
  • To ensure the vehicle remains legal at all times
  • To ensure the vehicle is roadworthy at all times

It is also important to understand, that when maintenance is not included, that you won’t benefit from the support and experience of the leasing company’s Maintenance Team. These teams are industry experts with years of experience repairing vehicle. Their knowledge and experience can be crucial in speeding up repairs and in instances where complications around warranty arise, they are invaluable.

As part of our qualification process, we will provide you with advice on which option is best for you.