Who are Vehicleflex

We may appear to be the new kids on the block, but we’ve actually been around since 2000 and Vehicleflex is our latest customer offering.

Vehicleflex are part of the Bowater Price PLC group of companies and I head the business up.  Over the last 16 years, Bowater Price have built the business on offering tailored leasing solutions to mid corporate businesses and providing exceptional service levels.  Bowater Price have also created and managed a number of personal leasing schemes to provide employees with great value leasing deals.

In late 2015, I sat down with the owners of Bowater Price and we discussed how we could take the knowledge, professionalism and platform that already existed and create a whole new offering to cater for smaller businesses and private individuals.  And from this, Vehicleflex was born.

At Vehicleflex, we aren’t claiming to have reinvented the wheel; we’re just taking a fresh approach to service.  Our view is that anyone can set up and offer cheap looking leasing deals, but not everyone can understand your needs properly and find the right products to match them exactly.  Another big difference with Vehicleflex, is that we’re here for you throughout your entire contract, not just whilst it’s on order. 

The key difference with us is that we listen first and talk second.

We’ve spent the last 9 months shaping the offering and we hope you’ll approve.  We’ve really listened to our customers, past and present and have delivered a website that is simple and easy to navigate and full of useful information to help in your buying process.  When you’re ready to, please pick up the phone to the team as we’re all about speaking to our customers, rather than getting you to self-serve online.

Now, I could give you a really catchy acronym that laid out all our values and beliefs, but words are just words and in my experience, it’s your actions that matter.  So, we’d like to prove the difference Vehicleflex offer, so get in touch when you’re ready to talk.

All the best!



Vehicleflex Founder