1. Is it cheaper to lease than to buy a vehicle? 

A. Typically, yes.  However, it is vehicle dependant.  For a better understanding, please see our About Leasing section.

  1. Is the servicing and maintenance included?

A. Service, maintenance and tyres are optional on most lease agreements.  Please see our Maintenance section for a full understanding of your options.What if my vehicle breaks down?

A. All new vehicles have breakdown cover for a minimum of 12 months.  With some manufacturers covering up to 4 years breakdown cover.  If the level of breakdown cover isn’t sufficient for your needs, we can increase this within your agreement.

  1. What happens if you have an accident?

A. If the vehicle has been in an accident then it is no different to owning a vehicle - you would need to get in touch with your insurance.  The insurance is the company/ driver’s responsibility.  If you are unfortunate enough to have your vehicle stolen or written off, there may be a shortfall between the value of the vehicle and the outstanding finance amount.  There are insurance products that can cover this shortfall, however we do not offer insurance products.

  1. Do you take part ex vehicles?

A. We can assist you in selling your vehicle.  However, you will generally get a better deal if you sell privately.

  1. How long are your Special Offers valid for?

A. Offers change all the time and those based on stock vehicles, expire when all stock is depleted.  When you speak to us, we will make you aware of timescales and restrictions on any quotes.

  1. Do you deliver nationwide?

A. Yes, we offer free delivery to any mainland UK address.  Delivery to Norther Ireland and other islands will incur additional costs.

  1. What is the Processing Fee/ Admin Fee/ Document Fee?

A. We do not charge these fees.  Invariably, these fees are additional earnings for businesses.  In some instances, certain lenders do charge these fees for certain services.

  1. Can you put personalised number plates on a lease vehicle?

A. Yes, you can.  The plates can be put on the vehicle before or after delivery.  Retention and transfer charges will apply.  We can advise on the process should you wish.

  1. What’s the minimum age for taking a lease?

A. Typically, most lenders won’t consider applicants under 21 years old.  Please contact us to discuss if you are aged between 18-20.

  1. I have bad credit, what do I do?

A. If you’re unsure on your credit status, please use our Finance Eligibility tool for a guide.  We only deal with top tier lenders, so we cannot accommodate anyone who is bankrupt or in any type of IVA.  If you need more information on your credit file, we recommend you contact a credit agency such as Experian or Equifax.

  1. Can being credit searched affect my credit rating?

A. Yes.  Carrying out multiple credit searches in a short period of time can negatively affect your rating.  We recommend that you only apply for credit when you are sure you want to proceed.

  1. Can you lease to Channel Islands or Isle of Man?

A. Unfortunately not, our lenders do not offer credit to customers based in these locations.

  1. What information will I need to provide to enter into an agreement?

A. The details for a credit application can be seen on Business Proposal and Personal Proposal sections.  In addition to this, some proofs may be required, such as a copy of drivers license, utility bill etc.  You will be advise of full details prior to entering into an agreement.

  1. What the difference between an initial payment and a deposit?

A. See our About Leasing section for a comprehensive answer.

  1. Do I own the vehicle at the end of the leasing agreement?

A. This depends on the type of agreement you enter.  View our innovative Flex Tool or call us and we’d be delighted to discuss the right option for you.

  1. Who owns the vehicle?

A. The vehicle will always be owned by the lender.  On purchase agreements, ownership will be transferred to the customer at the end of the agreement.

  1. Can I go for a test drive?

A. We may be able to recommend dealers in your vicinity from our approved network.  Call us for details. 

  1. Is insurance included in the vehicle lease?

A. No, you need to arrange your own insurance.  All lease vehicles must be insured on a fully comprehensive basis.

  1. What is a lead time?

A. The lead time of the vehicle is the period of time we anticipate it will take us to deliver your new vehicle from the date you order it.  This lead time is not guaranteed as there are various factors that can affect it.

  1. If I cancel my order before delivery, will I be charged a fee?

A. We will not charge you a fee for cancelling the finance agreement.  However, fees may be chargeable in relation to the supply of the vehicle.

  1. Once I order, can my price change?

A. Only on rare occasions.  Some manufacturers don’t guarantee the price if they change their pricing or whilst your vehicle is on order.  This only typically happens on vehicles with lead times in excess of 6 months.  We will inform you of any risks within your sales process.  If your price changes, you will have the option to cancel without charge.

  1. What is a “Pre-reg” vehicle?

A. This is where a dealership has registered the vehicle in a previous month.  Pre-reg vehicles are new, but will be up to 3 months old on delivery.

  1. Who is the vehicle registered to?

A. On hire agreements, the vehicle will be registered to the lender.  On purchase agreements, the vehicle will be registered to the customer.

  1. Can I extend or amend my agreement?

A. This depends on the agreement type.  Some can be amended and others cannot be varied once entered into.  We will discuss your options with you before you proceed.

  1. What happens if I exceed my contracted mileage allowance?

A. You will incur an excess mileage charge from the lender.  This will be detailed on your finance agreement.

  1. Can I exit an agreement early?

A. Yes, however each agreement type will have differing exit clauses.  Exit or termination fees can be expensive and can affect future credit applications.  We will discuss these with you through the sales process.

  1. Is Road Fund License included in my agreement?

A. This depends on the type of agreement you take.  Hire agreements will contain RFL for the life of the agreement.  Whereas Purchase agreements will only include RFL for the first 12 months.  You will be advised of this when discussing the right contract type for you.

  1. Do in need to MOT the vehicle?

A. An MOT is only required when the vehicle is 3 years old.  So you will only be required to MOT the vehicle if it exceeds 3 years old whilst in your possession.  MOT costs are covered within Maintenance agreements.

  1. Will I be charged for damage at the end of the agreement?

A. Lenders operate to standards defined within the BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear guide.  You will be provided with a copy of the guide.  Any damage outside the tolerances will be chargeable.  Prior to return of the vehicle, we will remind you of your obligations.