Coming soon……….T-Roc vs. Karoq

It may sound like an uber cool rap battle, but actually it’s the two latest models due for launch from Volkswagen and Skoda in the super competitive Crossover section of the market.  So, what are these cars and how will they compare? 


Well, the answer to what they are is a Compact Crossover, similar in size to an Audi Q2.  In fact, the Skoda Karoq is the replacement for the ever-popular, but dated, Skoda Yeti.  Whilst the T-Roc is a new entrant into the sector.

What can you expect from these two cars? 

Firstly, both of these have a great new look and really bring both brands up to date and on trend.  They also both cater for that demographic that needs more practicality than a traditional hatch, but doesn’t want to feel like they’re driving a full SUV.

The Karoq will be bigger than its Yeti predecessor and if you’re familiar with the Seat Ateca, that’s basically the size you’ll get.  So it’s going to be a pretty decent sized family car, with practical boot.  It will come with all the latest tech and safety features to keep everyone entertained and safe.

Similarly, the T-Roc is bigger than anticipated from the concept, so if a Golf isn’t quite big enough, but you’re not ready for the step up into a Tiguan, then this is the car for you.  It looks set to get some great levels of tech and as VW is the parent company, it will inevitably get a higher level of finish than it’s Skoda equivalent.


Final engine and trim line ups are yet to be released, but there’s unlikely to be any surprises here.  We’re sure to see the 1.0 and 1.4 TFSI petrol engines as we as the 1.6TDI diesel.  They’ll likely be something thrown in for the customers who’d like a bit more poke as well and it looks nailed on that there will be a Karoq VRS version.

There’s no pricing confirmed as yet, but you’d obviously expect the Karoq to come in cheaper than the T-Roc, purely on the badge premium.  Talk is that the Karoq will come in around £17k and the T-Roc at £18k.

What will this cost on lease? Good question and we don’t know, but looking at where these cars will sit in the market, you would expect a typical lease to come in under £200 a month excluding VAT. 

With both of these cars due out later this year, we’re keeping our eyes peeled for the full specs and pricing.

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